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SOBAR brand has variety product, such as abrasive, hand tool, pneumatic range, jack, lifting and many more.
Featuring the durable materials with innovative technology to improve the comfort and safety.


  • Abrasive
    • Cutting Disc, Red Flap Disc , Grinding Disc, Mounting Point, Thin Cutting Disc, Polishing Wheel , Sand Disc, Diamond Cutter, Offset Flexible Disc,
      Offset Flexible Disc, Cup Brush, Industrial Brush
  • Door Accessories
    • Door handle, Door Mortice
  • Drill Bit
    • Chisel, Drill Chuck
  • Electrical
    • Cable Tie & Clip, Wall Plug
  • Hand Tools
    • Chisel, Hammer, Plastering trowel, Locking Plier, Wrench, Saw, Bolt Clipper, Measurement
  • Garden
    • Chisel, Drill Chuck
  • Jack & Pump
    • Compressor, Jack, Lifting, Pneumatic
  • Safety Product
    • Helmet